Convert your IT MPG video to MP4 easily with Movavi Video Converter

Do you have to send an IT tutorial video in MPG format to smartphone? It could be a training resource for your new batch of interns. Well, regardless of the content of the video, it’s better to convert the video into MP4 for smooth display on mobile phones. But how to convert MPG to MP4? Now, you have loads of converter programs today but if you want the best of recommendations- Movavi Video Converter is the tool for you.

Here goes a brief on how easily you can convert your MPG IT tutorial into MP4 with the Movavi program.

Download & install

The first thing is to download Movavi Video Converter and install it in your system. You will get installation instructions with the software.

Add video

Then, click on Add Media and go for Add Video. It will allow you to select and bring your MPG tutorial to the Movavi program window.

Select the output format

Now, we will select the output format, which is MP4 in this case.

Go to Video tab and open it. You will find a list of presets coming up before you. Click on MP4 to select it.

Convert your video

Go to Folder icon and click on it. It will help you to select the destination folder of your converted video. When you select the destination folder beforehand, the converted file gets saved in the chosen folder automatically after conversion.

Now, click on Convert tab and start the conversion process.

Important features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Supports videos and more

Movavi Video Converter is not just about converting videos. In fact, the software program is able to convert images and audio files too.

  • Lightning-fast conversion

This is one of the most important features of Movavi Video Converter. The Movavi program is backed by SuperSpeed technology which allows it to convert videos in blazing speed.

  • No loss of video quality

This is another major reason behind the widespread popularity of Movavi Video Converter. The Movavi software. The Movavi program is able to convert videos with the guarantee of no significant loss of quality.

  • Able to perform editing functions

Movavi Video Converter is also able to perform a series of video editing functions. For example, the program can modify the audio levels, trim out unwanted clips, stabilize shaky video clip and so on.

Useful tip for users:

If you want to convert the video for a particular mobile phone, just click on Devices while selecting the output format. Otherwise, connect the mobile phone to your system before you start conversion. The Movavi program is intelligent enough to automatically detect the OS of the recipient device and will automatically select the output format for you.