Augmented Reality & Its Benefits For Business

Augmented Reality (AR) has become one of the most popular trends in recent years. This is a promising technology that all companies try to use to transform their daily activities and provide customers with an exciting experience. Technological giants have already begun to benefit from ar company: Google sells its Glass headphones and Microsoft plans to launch HoloLens for companies.

In addition, Apple recently launched ARKit for developers along with the fourth beta version of iOS 11. The new ARKit will allow developers to create augmented reality applications for iPhone and iPad, allowing iOS users to combine virtual resources with their real world. Although augmented reality is used excessively in gaming applications, it has tremendous potential to transform jobs and consumer perceptions.

So let’s take a closer look at the three innovative ways in which AR can help transform your business.

  1. Better learning: augmented reality has great potential in terms of learning and education. Unlike traditional learning scenarios, a trainer can use AR to help students learn new concepts and processes through it. For example, it is much easier to disarm the virtual machine’s engine than the real one, and the process can be repeated as many times as necessary. With an AR-enabled application, an organization can train employees, help them improve their skills and expand their capabilities.

  1. Better customer service: AR can make life easier for customer-oriented staff, especially for those who work in retail. According to a report by Forrester Research, salespeople can use AR glasses to help shoppers buy the cosmetics that suit them best. The assistant can not only see how customers who use a certain cosmetic will look, but also give recommendations on its use. Many retail brands, including Lowe, already offer AR-based customer service using tablets instead of head-mounted displays.

  1. Transformed commercial transactions. Using AR headphones can change your work. For example, a damage appraiser on an insurance form could use an AR headset to inspect a car that had an accident. AR headphones can help transfer the video from the car to a system that recognizes the damage and calculates the cost to repair it.

The recognition capabilities of the device help the loss adjuster determine the damage. This, in turn, helps the insurer process claims more quickly and accurately. Similarly, in the health industry, AR devices can change the way doctors diagnose and treat diseases. For example, a doctor can use an AR hearing aid to capture symptoms when a patient is examined and provide them with relevant medical information.


The integration of augmented reality (AR) in your business plan can provide you with a wide range of potential benefits. The integration will not only help you attract more customers to your store, but it will also give your products and services a new life. Companies that sell quality products and services, but seek to attract customers, have a great opportunity to increase it with AR devices and applications. However, as soon as you decide to invest in the development of augmented reality, make sure that the underlying idea is creative and futuristic to achieve the desired results. For more information on augmented reality and the development of business applications, contact us through comments.