Best Practices You Should Consider for Your Donation Page

Whatever the cause, the ultimate goal is to seek financial support or donation. If you have a non-profit organisation and you want to boost donations, there are ways that you can consider to entice more people to care and help. You should start with your donation page.

Here are some best practices for your donation page:

Utilise software
If you want to reach more people, you should focus on your online presence. You can just create a donation page but if you want it to be effective, you need the right tools. Online fundraising software will make constructing your donation pages easier. It will also provide many benefits and features like the following:
• Event registration capabilities: the right software allows your donors to donate and respond to your events in a convenient step.
• Receptive design: the forms should look great and intuitive to utilise regardless of the device.
• Seamless integration: to collect more donor data, the software can seamlessly integrate your form on your website.

• Reporting and analytics: software can track the performance of your form. It has the ability to adjust the forms as needed to improve fundraising.
• Fully customisable forms: software forms are fully customisable allowing you to build limitless donation pages and build it according to your liking.

Optimise the top of your page
Your mission should be clear – bring more donors. Donors should know right away that they have landed on a charitable page. With this, you should ensure that your form is emotionally compelling and you include your logo at the top. This is so that donors are certain that they are interacting with your charitable organisation.

To make a difference, you need to include a short but meaningful headline and a stirring picture of those you serve at the top of your page. It can also help if you include a brief description of what you do at the top of the form to give the donors an idea of your mission and what you are aspiring to achieve.

Simplify your donation form
Keep in mind that your donors are busy people. They won’t have time to fill out the long donation form. With this, you need to keep your form simple if you want a high conversion rate. Simply put, the shorter and easier your form is to accomplish, the more donors will make it to the end.

It is tempting to gather as much information on your donors but you should keep the required fields to an absolute minimum. If you want to contact your donors, it is best that you do it through email newsletters and other communications.

Do not neglect the page
Remember that your donation page is the reflection of your organisation. It should be beautiful and functional at the same time. This will mean spending time styling your page with images, fonts, colors and other things that can enhance the donor’s experience. If you design your page, you will look professional and authoritative.

There are many best practices that you can consider. You have the advantage of the noble cause on your side so you should maximise it. Focus on your donor page and everything will follow.