Clean dust off your computer like a boss

Yes! you will tell me that your wife or your cleaning lady, or yourself, take care of cleaning your computer outside, with a simple wipe of a dust cloth, but here I want to talk to you about dusting the inside your PC or computer, central processing unit, or maybe even your laptop and why not, your keyboard and mouse. Over time, you don’t see it but dust accumulates. Too much gunk can even cause problems! lots of problems! worse than you can imagine. Of course, there is no point if you bought your computer just recently, it is still way too clean. But, after six months you will the effect of dust on your computer. Click here for keeping keyboards clean.

Why we need to dust offcomer?

Like any electronic device, a computer needs to be clean and tidy to perform at its optimum level. Dusts inside the computer, slows down the performance and the longevity is badly affected. That is why computers need to be dust free.

The vital tools

Cleaning is expensive! Very expensive! Finally, when you break down! You will need several tools, the overall price of which is still around a few hundred dollars. Find them in most maintenance stores or supermarkets, all you have to do is buy them. What! Where are you??? Don’t go! Ah yes, I’m kidding of course, what we are going to do is free! Well almost! Simple tools and a little elbow grease will be more than enough. Visit this site for keeping keyboards clean.

First of all, get brushes, a vacuum cleaner, air bungs, an air compressor, a mask, an apron, a little courage and start by rolling up your sleeves.

We need a relatively large brush (not a very small one, not a too big one, say between the 2).

You’ll also need a Phillips-head screwdriver to open the computer and clean it, and possibly a smaller one if you decide to go further (some processor fan screws, for example, are smaller and require a smaller screwdriver or for a laptop).

Voila, your main tools are there! We can start…


    • First of all, turn off your computer (essential!),
  • Unplug all the cables,
  • and place it on a table, for example, outside if it’s been a while since you are cleaning it.

You will have to open the front of the computer. Which? The one we are going to remove is the one on the left, if you are looking at your PC from the front (CD-ROM drives in front of you), the one on the right if you are looking at your PC from behind. As a general rule, the front is fixed by two screws: Unscrew them using your Phillips screwdriver, store them carefully in a corner (they are small and easy to lose), you will now be able to remove the front!