Download the Latest Version of Final Cut Pro for Free Today

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is a series of non-linear video editing software application. It is one of the most populous video editing programs and is a preferred choice of thousands of video editors and independent filmmakers. According to a study conducted in the year 2007 it has been reported that this professional video-editing software has widen its market share to 49% in the United States with Avid at 22%. After seeing the huge popularity of the software, the company recently launched Final Cut Pro X 10.3 which is the all new updated version of the previous version. This newly updated application is full of new features and is one of the profound changes made in any software till date. If you have not yet started using this amazing software then, use it today by simply installing thelatest version of Final Cut Pro for Free. However, before that I will introduce you to its new upgraded distinctivefeatures.

Few Features in Final Cut Pro X!

  1. Redesigned Interface-One of the chief features that Apple has added in this professional video-editing software is the new magnetic timeline. This innovative feature enables the user to compose all the projects easily by enabling automatic snapping and adjusting of the clips around the timeline thereby giving outstanding performance. The innovative feature is great in itself as it saves time which you would rather spend on adjusting clips in series by moving one clip at one time. Also, in this new magnetic timeline you can catch hold of complex projects easily by organizing audio clips in paths.
  2. Easy to identify clips- In Final Cut Pro video editing software you can easily identify the clips in the timeline and browser as the video clips are color coded and arranged by categories known as roles such as music, dialogues and effects. It is user-friendly as you can simply create roles, rename them and choose custom colors based on your preference. Plus, if at any time you change the clip’s role in the timeline then the clip automatically relocates to its right place.
  3. Handy tools-On a MacBook Pro Keyboard the editing tools that are used the most in the Final Cut Pro X are very conveniently accessible on the Touch Bar to make your working more easy and simple.
  4. Enormous media and spacious browsers-Unlike old concept, in the new version you can take advantage of spacious browsers to view photo libraries, titles and generators. Accompanied with this you can beforehand select a large list of music or sound-effects before finally taking them to the timeline or into an open library.
  5. Edit clip performance on the location itself- Another chief feature of the Final cut pro X video editing software is that you can edit the video clips very quickly by taking the advantage of MacBook’s fiery-fast flash storage and graphics. Also benefit from enhanced rendering with 4K video feature.