Everything You Should Know About LED Video Walls

Many businesses have opted out to install LED Video Wall for promotions and other reasons. Whatever your reason is there are some things that are worth knowing about these LED walls. Not more than 10 years ago, these video walls were only accessible to a small segment of the market. It was Stadiums, Malls, and Casinos who preferred to use this technology. But now, this technology is expanding to a greater level and businesses from every industry are choosing to install them to attract more customers.

Before you consider installing the LED video walls, you must know what they are and the purpose to use them. This technology comprises of Direct View LED displays that work as a team to display the content as if they are a single screen. These LEDs are not only efficient but also conduct and emit their own light. This feature makes them long lasting and more durable.

So, prior to installing these LEDs, you must understand the requirements of this technology. Some things that you need to consider include location, maintenance, image quality, and ease of implementation. The main purpose of using these LED video walls is to impress the customer. As this technology can create a big image with better resolution, it is highly influential for all the industries out there.

As you might know that a decade ago, no one would have thought that LED video walls can be the future to promotions of various products and service for business owners. But as it is steadily becoming the greatest competition to LCDs, the benefits are worth considering. The benefits that the industries have by using these LED Video Wall are listed below:

  • Lighting: These LEDs emit light which is much brighter than LCDs. It is designed for high illumination and can be used anywhere. Moreover, the LEDs can handle ambient light much better than LCDs.
  • Reliability: The LEDs are more energy efficient and durable. Thus, they will last for a longer period of time. They also have the best refresh rates as compared to any other video walls in the market.
  • Installation: These lights have lower pixel density and unmatched uniformity. With the wide viewing angles and rear access, these LED panels are seamless. Thus, they can be tiled together easily in any shape and size.
  • Quality: These self-emitting light sources can achieve true black with the epoxy coated LEDs. So, there is no doubt that they have accuracy and better quality than the LCDs.

So, you can say that LEDs Video wall can be a great application for all businesses. It can be integrated with a flexible solution. And the best thing is that these LED video walls are more affordable than anything else.