Apple products being unique

The products of Apple are unique in themselves. Apart from the complete different platforms and interfaces when compared to the Android counterparts, these products also have the latest features that are gauged easily by only a few sections of the people. As a result, many people find using Apple products to be equally confusing. But not to worry, because a number of apple tutorials are available these days over the internet that can guide easily regarding the different features of Apple. This article details those tutorials.

The basic of the tutorials

Before moving on to the advanced apple tutorials, one should have a good hold over the following basic tutorials: –

  • Setting up your device- It includes updating some of the important packages of your new Apple device immediately after purchasing the same in order to have a better running of the same. All one needs are a stable internet connection followed by access to the videos from official Apple tutorials to do the same.
  • Learning file transfer-Here the role of Migration Assistant comes that is used from transfer of files from your mobile devices to the laptop and vice-versa. Before using the same, one needs to check the settings for the pre-requisites followed by the sequential use of the software as per the steps in the tutorial videos.
  • Learning about the basic intricates-Here one can learn about the features like a multi-touch trackpad or magic mouse that can be used to swipe, touch, tap, pinch with fingers to perform the useful actions over your devices. One can also get a good idea about the keyboard shortcuts to perform some regular tasks with utter ease.

The advanced ones

After learning about the basic apple tutorials, one can move to the advanced ones. Some of these are as follows: –

  • Face ID- Face lock is one of the most advanced features of iPhone X and allows easy unlocking and authentication of the device at just a glance of the face. It has a few intricates that one must be aware of and hence there are dedicated apple tutorials for the same.
  • Configuring for Apple Pay- Apple Pay is a secure and easy pathway for private access for paying for your goods and other commodities. However, making your device compatible with the same might be a Herculean task. Hence tutorials for the same must be referred.
  • Building Sticker Packs- This is meant for all the chat lovers who want to have their own customized sticker packs to be used while chatting. It can be used to bundle chat images and animations to get your desired results.
  • Development Tips Weekly- This includes a series of tutorials released on weekly basis regarding the updates of the Apple devices that one should be aware of for the smooth functioning of the device.