GPS Products or Navigation Devices

GPS is referred to as Global Positioning System (GPS). It comes in work by global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that is made up of a network of a minimum of 24-30, satellites that are placed in orbits by the US satellite Department. A GPS navigation device or GPS receiver, or simply GPS products are products that are made for receiving source of information from GPS satellites and to note/calculate/see someone’s geographical place. Using this type of suitable software, the product may display the position of the object on the map, and it may tell us the directions also. The GPS device was originally made to use by the US military, but in the early 1980s, the US Government did not allow the military officers to use this system instead it was used by the civilian people. Hence the GPS satellite data is free or it can work anywhere in the world, the GPS products and the interlinked software can be bought or rented.

The Different types of GPS products are and what they are good for? Are mentioned below:

First of all, GPS tracking devices uses the global positioning system of satellites that is used to determine the precise/current location of someone through different GPS systems such as Motorcycle GPS, Car GPS etc. Locations are log in through GPS devices and can then be downloaded in various ways. Bio track is a company that supplies a high range of GPS products, some of them are made by Lotek.

  1. PinPoint GPS

Accurate Navigator, automated locations are now to be available from a GPS that is just 1gm in weight.  Now we can save time and effort in fieldwork, with even smaller species. It is a fully programmable schedule that can be choosed for locations that are to be recorded, to meet the specific requirements of someone.

  1. PinPoint Beacon

These devices Retrieve/Gives our GPS tags more easily. We can now have accurate navigations and automated locations and a built-in VHF beacon.

  1. PinPoint VHF Download

Species those are difficult to recapture can be captured by this VHF Download Device. If you need a Periodic data collection during your study this device is used and also for the species that prone to disturbance.

  1. PinPoint Argos

It is basically used for these purposes: For accurately tracking the unknown migration routes, Low site fidelity species and Dispersal tracking.

  1. PinPoint Argos Solar

These are used for: to the species with good exposure to sunlight, for accurately tracking unknown migration routes and for the low site fidelity species. Find more motorcycle accessories here