Great Tips to Create A Visual Hierarchy in Modern Day Website Design

Good website design has a stable visual hierarchy, organizes UI contents effectively, and is also more compelling for users. Hence, UI/UX designers will always pay more attention to adding visual elements to make their site unique.

So, what makes a visual hierarchy website design powerful? How will you visualize the UI contents better? Are there any useful tips that will serve as inspiration?

In this article, we have answered all these questions.

What Is A Visual Hierarchy in Website Design?

This refers to the arrangement and visual presentation of the website UI elements according to their importance so that users can easily scan the page information, click and purchase a website product, hassle-free. Websites that have an excellent visual hierarchy will often have better UX and high product sales.

You can use the visual hierarchy to produce a beautiful and interactive site for your company.

How to Organize the Website UI For Better Visual Hierarchy?

Once you the basics of the visuals of a site then you have to follow the golden tips as listed below:


This is one of the most powerful tools for better visual hierarchy; it places great impact for designers when they visualize their web page elements. The bigger the element, the more the attention it will receive. You can try to adjust the size of your website elements to show the importance.

website design

The size of the elements should adjust in an acceptable range.

Prototyping design tips-

For successful website design, you need to visualize the elements by adjusting their size is a prototyping tool, here you can easily manipulate the size and height according to your specifications.

Creating a UI hierarchy with shadow and opacity:

Web elements that have different shadows and opacity will easily present simple hierarchical relations. Using shadows and playing opacity will result in an attractive and minimalist website.

Optimizing visual website hierarchy with colors:

Color is a widely used tool in web design, and it creates an appealing website that has a strong sense of hierarchy. In your plan, you can make optimum use of colors for better visuals by using bright colors to focus on web information that is necessary.

You can also use color blocks to place elements that are logically related closely.

Layout as a visual element:

Page layout is another powerful design tool for your website; on the one hand, your site can be assigned with a variety of page layouts that are based on web/product features for better readability and rich content.

You can also use similar page layouts and repeat them as well, this will create a sense of familiarity with the users, and they can find information quickly. You can opt for a grid layout that has a clear design, Placement and proximity can enable clear readability, create clear page layouts, proper alignment can create a perfect visual hierarchy as well.

Using space to highlight the UI contents:

Good web design will use white space between the UI elements so that he/she can highlight the materials and smartly create visual hierarchy. You can also use contrast to show the difference between the optical elements.