How to Setup Your VapeFor Big Cloud

Is there a way to get massive clouds from your vape even when you’re just using cheap e cig juice? You bet there is. Vaping out big clouds has been such a huge hit for vapers that people are now joining cloud competition to see who can blow out the biggest (and fanciest) clouds.

Whether you have plans to join one or not, this article will help you puff out big fat clouds of smoke.

First, let’s talk about the clearomisers

There’s no doubt that small clearomisers are great for everyday use, or the fact that they’re so discrete. But if you want to really puff out the big clouds, you’re going to want to use low resistance sub ohm clearomisers.

Clearomisers that feature a BVC or bottom vertical coil with a low resistance of 0.5 ohms are perfect. But to use these sub ohm tanks, your battery needs to powerful enough to handle the juice.

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What about the batteries?

You can opt for three kinds of batteries: fixed voltage, variable wattage, or variable wattage and temperature control. The third one is often the most popular choice when it comes to using low ohm clearomisers.

If you have a regulated box mod, you can make use of variable wattage and temperature control features. Variable wattage batteries often give users  the ability to control air resistance and heat, so when they find the sweet spot, they’re able to dole out thick clouds of smoke.

But for beginners, you’re going to want to settle with fixed voltage batteries.

Next we talk about coil resistance

Coil resistance plays an important part in the amount of vapor that will be doled out by your e cig or vape. The lower the resistance, the easier it is to reach higher temperatures. Higher temperatures means more vapor produced.

Coincidentally, low resistance wires also tend to be shorter so they end up heating faster.

It’s also good to note that low resistance coils work well with higher wattage batteries, as opposed to using higher resistance batteries. If you’re running a high power mod, there’s no need for resistance to be so low.

Lastly, we’ll talk about the liquids

The e-liquid or juice that you end up choosing can make the difference in the amount of vapor that you can produce. And yes, there are juices that are intended for just that.

Here’s how you can tell them apart. When shopping for juices, determine the ratio between VG and PG. VG juices produce more vapor, while PG is more on flavor (i.e., they hit the throat).

Higher PG liquids are not meant for producing vapor and they can hurt your throat in the long run. Most juices nowadays are 50/50 PG/VG so you can puff out a huge smoke and still enjoy the good flavor.

There you have it. Four simple components that will make you puff smoke like a train’s chimney.