Introducing New Options to Contact JIO Support

Are you having some issues with your JIO mobile network service? Is it your signal, you outgoing calls, data, or maybe you just have some inquiries about your Postpaid plan? Worry no more! If you think you already have exhausted all your options, there are still more ways for you to connect with a customer service representative.

            Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. is no doubt one of the largest LTE network provider in India today. Over 100 million users have already changed their mobile network providers to Jio. Now you might wonder why. Jio is offering the cheapest services when it comes to calls and data. Aside from that, their data services are gaining more likes and thumbs up because of the impressive speed.

Introducing More Ways to Contact Jio.

            Because of the rapid change in a number of subscribers, some would experience issues with their services that would need Jio support right away. The Reliance Jio Customer Care number may busy at times so here are more ways that you can reach Jio that you might not be aware of.

            Most people use Facebook today. 99% of mobile phone users have Facebook accounts. This is the easiest and the fastest way to reach people. Even Jio. You just have to visit Jio Facebook page, click on the “message” tab and type in your queries about Jio, your concerns or issues where you need assistance. As soon as a Jio representative is available, you will get a response right away.

             Just like Facebook, people are using Twitter on a daily basis as well. This is the reason why Jio has made a way to let customers reach them through this online platform. Just log in to your Twitter account, click on the “Tweet Button”, state your issue, mobile number and other important details that you can share. Then tag @JioCare. As easy as that. Jio representatives will Tweet back with a solution or answer to your queries.

  • Jio Website Complaint Form.

            Another simple way to directly connect with a Jio representative it through the Jio website. Just go to the Jio official “Contact us” page, fill out the form with your email id, subject, and the detailed information about your issue, then click SEND. Give it an hour and you will receive a response from the customer care with a resolution to your problem.

  • Help Yourself Using USSD Codes.

            USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes are one way for customers to get basic information from their mobile network provider. USSD codes or “quick codes” gives you instant information that you need without contacting the Customer Care. Information like your balance, call minutes, the caller tune, and so much more. You can instantly get this information just by dialing specific codes.

            Here are some of the important JIO USSD codes that might come in handy.

  • Know your Mobile Number dial *1#
  • Check Jio Main Balance dial *367# or *333*1*1*1#
  • Check 4G Internet Balance dial *333*1*3*#
  • Check Free SMS Balance dial *367*2#
  • Check Local Call Minutes dial *367*2#
  • Special Deals and Discounts dial *789#
  • Activate Miss Call Alert (charges may apply) *333*3*2*1#
  • Deactivate Miss call Alert dial *333*3*2*2#
  • Activate Caller Tune in Jio dial *333*3*1*1#
  • Deactivate Caller Tune dial *333*3*1*2#
  • Recharge with Scratch Card dial *368# or *305*<14 digit pin>#

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. has made their customer service easy to reach. There are a lot of ways that you can connect with the help that you need with your Jio service. There are some instances like knowing the basic information that you can do on your own. If you have time, you can always visit their website for more information about new features and promos that you can take advantage of.