Just with a phone number, it’s possible to hack most of someone’s web accounts

You’re serene because you put a 72-character passphrase on Gmail and your Facebook account works with a dual-authentication system.

It’s good.

But you will soon be disappointed, because a new method tested and approved by researchers of Positive Technologies can take control of any Twitter account, Face book, Telegram, Whatsapp and many others. For that, it is enough to exploit a flaw in the SS7 protocol (Signaling System Number 7) used by almost all the operators of the whole world to exchange information between them, to make the shared billing, to activate the roaming … etc.

This flaw discovered in 2014 reroutes SMS and received calls to another phone number. Thus, by simply knowing your phone number, the attacker could in a targeted way make a request for a lost password, and recover on his phone, the validation code needed to change the password.

What is instant messaging?

Instant messaging Locatalk besser als die Base Chat Nummer is a kind of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. Some instant messaging applications also use Push technology to provide real-time text-by-character text when composing. IM applications with advanced features can even help users send files, clickable hyperlinks, VoIP, video chats, streaming, and more.

Locatalk besser als die Base Chat Nummer

So let’s talk about creating an app such as WhatsApp with the Appy Pie app builder. The messaging market has its share of dominant players, with WhatsApp leading the group (800 million daily active users), followed by Facebook Messenger (700 million daily active users) and WeChat (549 million users) active daily newspapers). There are more space and possibilities for more creative solutions and Appy Pie is here to help!

Tech Stack for WhatsApp

If you are thinking of creating a chat application, why not make it a person who seems to have understood things well. Let’s start by understanding the type of technology stack needed to create a real-time chat application such as WhatsApp with Appy Pie’s Chat Room & Messenger App Creator


This is the main programming language used to develop WhatsApp. This language has gained the most recognition and appreciation because of its stellar performance, speed, and scalability – a combination that works best for a real-time chat application!


The Ejabberd XMPP server (extensible messaging protocol and presence protocol) is unique because it can handle hundreds of thousands of messages at the speed of light and without delay, making it perfect for you. Plus, it also works great with the Erlang programming language, making it a fabulous duo and powering the entire app! This server is developed using specific plug-ins that enable a wide range of features such as: