Mistakes to avoid while charging your phone

Smartphones are being upgraded everyday. Each smartphone is more powerful than the other in terms of processor, graphics, camera and many other specifications. Anda load of this powerful performance falls on the battery. So, the battery is required to be charged at least once a day. The battery capacities in some of the smartphone are increasing but still, it requires the necessary charging.

For efficient charging, certified chargers are providedby the manufacturer itself. If your charger or phone is damaged, you can take it to misterfix.us. Charging of the battery is important for the phone to work efficiently. However, there are some mistakes which you should avoid while charging.

Cheap chargers

There are a lot of generic chargers available in the market which are cheaper than other branded manufacturers. Most of these chargers do not have a charging circuit which shuts off the charger connection when the battery reaches 100%. This system is present in the chargers of branded manufacturers which are provided along with your phone. This increases their cost but they provide extra protection for your battery and your phone. It is always advisable that you use the charger that is provided along with your smartphone. And if that charger is damaged, buy the same charger and not the one from different manufacturers.

Power banks

Using a quick charger device like power banks can expose the phone battery to a higher voltage. This could lead to overheating which can damage the battery. Chargers have a circuit inside them which regulates the voltage which is to be delivered to the phone and this circuit is absent in most of the power banks. Using power banks for a prolonged period of time could harm your cell phone. Instead, use certified chargers wherever possible and use power banks in those cases where you have no other option left.

Mistakes to avoid while charging your phone

Constant charging

It is not necessary to charge your battery all the time. Infact, constant charging can shorten the lifespan of your battery. This does not mean that you let your battery level to drop to zero before your charge. The advisable limit is to keep the battery level between 20 and 80% percent. The cell phone batteries have a certain cycle of 0 to 100%. While charging your phone to 100%, one of the cyclesis being used up and your battery life decreases. This, however, does not mean that if you don’t charge your battery till 100%, it will work forever. This also isn’t true. Batteries are meant to degrade. You can only slow down the process.


The next time when you charge your phone, you should be careful regarding these points.