Online Marketing Sites

With the current digital age, online marketing is the most vital business tool when it comes to carrying out advertising campaigns. Getting word out in regards to your business can be very challenging because almost every other business is clamoring to get the consumer’s attention. However, online marketing sites offer tools and techniques that make it easy to carry out ad campaigns. In order for your marketing efforts to be effective, some of the best sites that you can use to market your business include:

Google My Business

Have you noticed that when you are searching for a business on Google you are usually presented with a listing that contains google map directions, contact information and business hours? Well, if your business is not listed yet or you want to edit some information about it, then Google My Business will fully guide you through that process. You can create a new business listing or edit information such as new operating hours, new business location among others.



TripAdvisor is a valuable marketing tool especially if your business normally caters for tourists. People who are traveling use it when they want to look for attraction sites, hotels, restaurants etc. To market your business using TripAdvisor, get it listed and then work your way up on how to increase its popularity ranking. The more customers and visitors connect with your business and leave positive comments, the more your brand’s popularity ranking will go up.


Social media is an important marketing platform for any business. Twitter is an essential social platform that you can use to network with other business owners and also to promote your brand. To create a Twitter presence for your business, Twitter for Business outlines how you can create an account, boost the number of followers, find leads and how to increase conversions and click-throughs. Additionally, you can sponsor your tweets in order to get your business to a wider audience.

Using online marketing sites will help you to increase the size of your target audience and be able to bring more customers to your business. Furthermore, some of these marketing sites are industry-specific hence using them will assist you to reach out to your business’ specific niche.

However, using an online marketing site can be challenging because some of them cannot display the number of leads that you have attracted, real-time customer activity, conversion rates etc. Proof is an amazing software that helps to make online marketing easy. It works by displaying real-time customer-activity notifications on your site as well as letting your existing customers to sell for you. The software contains great landing page examples which convert more than 60-percent of the traffic, conversion-rate optimization tools which offer high conversion increase, marketing-copy rules for incredibly powerful messages, engaged audience etc. To get started, visit and learn how you can install, connect and launch Proof to your website.