PassFolk SavenWin – Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tool Ever

Hello guys, how are you all doing? In our previous post we have discussed the benefit of software testing and in this post, we will be implementing it. Recently, many visitors are enquiring about how to reset Windows password or what’s the best Windows password recovery tool to recover forgotten computer administrator password.

Honestly telling, even I didn’t know which one the best was;Whether it’s Ophcrack or NT password or Winlocker or if anything else. But I was totally wrong because none of them was the best and couldn’t meet my expectations. Then I used PassFolk SaverWin and I got my answer.

Without any uncertainty, SaverWin is the best Windows Password Recovery tool that anyone has ever used. The top reason why it is the best program is because it is free and top of all, it worked with my Windows 10 computer. I was pretty sure that if it works with Windows 10 then it will surely work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and other older versions.

The user interface of this program is stunning and the go through process is very very easy. You only need your mouse to click few buttons and you are done. This could be the software of 2018 as per my experience.

Let me show you how SaverWin unlocked my computer –

At first, I grabbed my spare Windows laptop and downloaded SaverWin from the website. Then installed the program by just keep clicking next on the setup wizard until the installation was finished. Now, I could see the main software screen of SaverWin and it said to either insert a CD/DVD or flash drive.

I immediately inserted my Toshiba 4 GB pen drive and the software detected the flash drive instantly. Then, I pressed the “Burn USB” button and the software started writing some files in my flash drive. I didn’t really bother with the files that has been copied on my flash drive because I was only focusing on unlocking my PC.

After I got the “Burning Successfully!” pop up message, I knew, my main weapon is ready. Now, I inserted the pen drive on my Windows 10 computer and rebooted it. On the home screen, I just pressed enter to launch the setup. Soon enough, SaverWin program was launched and I could see my username on the software. I quickly clicked on the username and pressed the “Reset Password” button.

Needless to say, that one click instantly unlocked my computer. I rebooted my computer over and over again but I was never asked to enter the password again. I was thoroughly amazed and would definitely recommend every single Windows user to use this product or even if you don’t need it, you must have a copy of the setup file today. This could be a total life saving program knowing that some day you might end up forgetting your computer password.