Reasons to Install Occupancy Counter

As the name suggests, people counting technology is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your customers and employees within your store. You can find a wide array of options available on the market, but the idea is to understand features before making up your mind.

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The Covid-19 pandemic affected the business around us, so most of them have to comply with current regulations considering the number of visitors and social distancing.

However, it is challenging to control visitors in particular areas and service providers, including supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, government offices, banks, and hospitals.

Since these businesses do not have an online alternative, you need to go in-person to purchase your groceries. However, that may lead to overcrowding, which will affect the spread of the virus and cause other issues.

If you wish to ensure that people follow the measures and regulations, you need to implement people counters within your business premises.

Reasons to Install Occupancy Counter

By limiting and measuring the number of people who can enter your location, you can prevent spreading the virus to your employees and other people.

That is the main reason why you should adopt traffic counting technologies that will help you boost customer service, improve the overall marketing strategy, and deal with harsh regulations due to pandemic.

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How Do They Work?

In most cases, you should install them at the entrances and exits and other main points of your area so that you can monitor the number of people entering your business.

We can differentiate various types of counters that have the same goal but work slightly different such as:

  • Thermal Sensors – They can easily register each person through body heat signature as soon as they pass the sensor.
  • Video Camera Counters – If you wish to get an accurate picture of foot traffic, especially in dense areas, you can do it by implanting video cameras. The difference between regular CCTV and video camera sensors is that you will not be able to capture people’s images by using a counter, which means that you will comply with privacy regulations.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Sensors – You can also count people by using smartphones or mobile devices. Both types tend to rely on your mobile device and internet connection, which is why you should have it to get reliable data.
  • Break-Beam Sensors – Finally, if you wish to get a sensor that uses detecting motion, this one is the best for you. They tend to send a beam of light, which is not something that we can see, and each time someone crosses the line, you will notice. However, it is not practical in large crowds, which is something you need to remember. By checking here, you will learn more about different privacy acts you need to follow while installing the counter.

Benefits of People Counting Systems:

  • Learn The Number of People That Visits Your Store – The best thing about the counter is the ability to capture the accurate number of customers that entered your store for a particular period. Therefore, you will be able to determine and measure in-store activities. Besides, you can use the data to compare with other days and months to see in which periods you have the peak to bring more employees.
  • Measure Visitor’s Behavior – As soon as you decide to observe particular movements that happen within your store, you will be able to create behavior patterns. We are talking about three essential aspects, including walkaways, conversions, and dwell time. Even though you will get general measurements that are not as accurate as they can be because of the anonymous nature of data, you will still be able to get insights that will help you create a reliable marketing strategy for the future.
  • Capture Live Data – You can also take advantage of other non-behavior data, including lowest-performing hours and peak times so that you can create a logistical and operational strategy and decision beforehand. We are talking about predicting whether a day will be successful or not by using metrics from past, which will affect your business in general.
  • Respect Anonymity – Since this sensor is GDPR-compliant, you can rest assured because it respects privacy, among other things. It will not capture the faces of individuals passing, which means that you can rest assured when it comes to protecting your privacy.
  • Handle Occupancy Level – Apart from the idea that you will measure your situation; you can also manage the number of people entering your building. Most counters come with software that will show you the number of people inside your store in real-time, which is excellent for following and complying with regulations. Of course, everything depends on the type of counting system you use, but in some cases, you can be notified that you have a critical number of people in your store. You have to create an occupancy threshold, and you will get automatic notifications when you reach max capacity levels. This is highly important in specific situations and circumstances such as a pandemic. We recommend you to enter this site: to learn how to safely use data you gathered. It is much better to be safe than sorry significantly since the issues can affect everyone from your surroundings. Besides, you should know that if you neglect the regulations, you may end up paying hefty fines, which is another important consideration.