Save a Substantial Amount with our 4-Hour System Upgrade

It hurts a lot to realize that you paid for a service from service provider A, while you could get the same service from service provider B with a fraction of the price you paid. But we live in a world where everyone charges services depending on the brand name or by the status of the client. This is the case with most i/ AS400 systems sellers. Whether they are selling a new system or doing a system upgrade, they will overcharge you. Dear client, you should not settle for an oversized server that is overpriced. Your POWER server should have the performance and capacity you require and must not be overpriced. The system Upgrade should be fast, pose minimal downtime, and convenient. There a way out, instead of buying a new POWER server, as most distributors will convince you to try an Upgrade that will help you save a lot. These sellers fix their focus on what the IBM set as the path for an upgrade which is buying a new Server.

Most buyers find themselves in a deep financial fix as most sellers of POWER servers try to prescribe a larger server than what you need. You should be able to get a server that has capacity and performance that is in line with your computing needs. Most of the new systems will cost you between $5000 and $80,000 and above depending on the size and speed. This is more expensive especially for a profit-making organization as it leads to more expenses which translate to less revenue. Buying New POWER server system is not good for your bank balances it is only good for the manufacturer and the seller. However, here is another good deal for you that not only help you save, but allows you to scale up to the latest AS400systems version within 4 hours. The migration is secure, fast, and reliable and has risk –free rollback capability. The rollback capability allows you to switch back to the previous version should any need to do so arise.

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What is this cost-effective system upgrade deal?

If you encounter problems with your AS400/iSeries POWER server such as being unsure whether your server is overloaded with unnecessary software and hardware, and sometimes you feel that your system needs an assessment. You are afraid that some critical upgrades could be ignored or a service provider will overcharge you for migration, and the lease you’re being guided to is not good, then we are here for you.

We provide Custom- sized IBM products and services, and we have been doing so since 1979, and therefore we deeply understand how the systems work. We offer a complete system upgrade within 4 hours, and the migration is safe and convenient. We have achieved many AS400systems series migrations through a group of software experts and engineers, and consultants. With our 4-hour upgrade services, you save your time and money as we charge a fraction of the software upgrade as compared to buying a new system. Our system upgrade involves modeling a correct blend of performance (processor speed), capacity (disk capacity) the disk arms and other capabilities so that you have your server handle your computing needs for the next ten years at a lower price.