Successfully Boosting LOL using eloboosta

Gaming has slowly become an important activity in today’s generation. About a decade ago, nobody thought of gaming to expand so profoundly, and yet today, we see gaming everywhere around us. Even the adult population themselves looked down on gaming, are increasingly getting addicted to it. One main reasons for gaming and games in general being adopted so quickly is because of its availability. Games are available on every possible platform – mobile, PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. One such game is League of Legends. For those who don’t know, League or Legends (or LOL) is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is based on a freemium model where players get to control a “champion” of their choice as they cast spells, utilize their abilities, and use their wits to battle against another player’s champion, or against an entire team. The game revolves around destroying the enemy team’s defenses to reach their “Nexus”, which is the main base giving them power or their home base. Once the “Nexus” has been destroyed, the team who did it wins. There are tons of champions and game modes for the player to choose from. As matter of fact, there are around 143 unique champions, which are divided into 6 categories alongside having around 5 different game modes. As the game grew its popularity, people tried using methods to increase their level in-game. One such method can be found on

League of Legends

The ELO Boost 

Boosting lol might not seem like a very action-oriented task, it’s important if you truly want to be the best in the game. ELO boosting is essentially a way through which any given player gets to rank up in the leaderboard and in the levels set by the game for a set price. The service providers login into your LOL account and then play till they reach the desired rank or level. If this method seems too time consuming or expensive, players also have an option of using the ELO boosters that can be achieved by simply going onto the sites. Once received, these boosters can be used in the game to harvest XP (Experience Points) which let the player level-up faster and even rank-up. If in case a person wants to gain a particular skill or ability which requires playing, ELO boosting allows that too. These methods are rather essential as not everybody has the time to spend hours in-front of the computer screen playing LOL, tying to level-up. As a matter of fact, the higher ranks and levels in LOL require around 1000 hours of game time, which is absurd for some people.