The Amazing Power of Technology

Science and technology have changed our world. We think and talk about technology more than any other thing. What we used to take for granted has now shown us its real muscles. Technology is here to change us. There are so many changes that happen almost every day in various sectors due to technology. The human activity is causing a revolution .we must admit that there are many videos that we enjoy watching, and there is a lot of music that we listen to. The internet has become a normal thing. many people want to know how to create youtube playlist, So that they may use the playlist for their enjoyment. It is a normal thing to realize that technology has taken us captives. We are for sure slaves of technology. It is all over our lives.

Cyber crimes happen because technology is fashionable. Everywhere we go people talk about technology and YouTube. What is a fashionable remains fashionable. All the same, we are worried about piracy. Someone may know how to create a  playlist but you should be careful of piracy. The crime is just almost everywhere. We have real reasons for getting worried. The security agents must not be compromised .we must be very strict with the criminals. We must remember that they have money of buying their ways through society. We must be vet careful.  The crimes are committed almost every hour. This shows that they are very common. The government must use the community policing properly to ensure the criminals are arrested and discouraged from the crimes.

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We have a reason to be worried. The crimes are just too many. Idle youths must be targeted. They are the main suspects. If they could be busy with their lives we could less reason for suspecting them. But they are just almost everywhere, pirating and committing cybercrimes in multitudes. We must cat, and it must be very fast. Let us ensure that the videos we enjoy are all genuine ones. We must not encourage piracy without knowing. We are for use in watching videos. YouTube came because of this. But the crimes behind video watching and enjoying must stop. The cyber crimes being committed are just too much. We must realize that the more we allow YouTube playlists the more the crimes are committed. We should really be careful. The procedures of YouTube are very clear, but the crimes are committed by the wrong-minded ones. The criminals who may just be our own youths doing the acts, should be tracked and brought to book immediately before the situation gets out of hand. we must ensure we do the right thing. Technology has given us a way; it is upon us to know what to do. We should use it well.