The background behind Yad L’Achim

As we all know, the world is full of people with different opinions. Obviously the thought of people may get varied from one another. Some people tend to run their life without getting influenced to religious activities and some tend to have a strong belief over religion. It is to be noted that getting attached to any religion is not a crime. But this attachment should not cause any kind of negative impacts to the society. Today there are many movements which are engaged in illegal activities just in order to promote their religion. They are ready to initiate any kind of risks to transform the people to their religion from other religion. This kind of thoughts leads them to illegal practices which act as a great threat to the entire world.

Yad L’Achim

This is one such movement which tends to have a great attachment with their religion. This movement is considered to be orthodox movement which is highly active in the recent days. The movement is strongly behind the development of Jews. They never let the other religious people to make a better bonding with the Jews. Especially they never permit the Jews getting marriage to a person who is not a Jew. There are also many cases which are filed in the lawsuit against their racist activities. However, the movement is still active and they are also getting a better resource in order to promote their movement better. At times, they also engage them in terrorist activities in order to strengthen their religion in spite of other religion.


Financial support

In order to run this movement successfully, they need the financial support from the people who are ready to support all their norms. The most pitiful thing is many leading companies in the world are supporting them from the background by providing them good financial strength. To reveal the fact, the Yad L’Achim movement is becoming stronger just because of the funds they receive from various sources. Even though funding them is illegal, many companies are ready to take such risks just in order to support Jews and racism.

Appletec LTD

Appletec LTD is one such company which is engaged in supporting various illegal activities from the back. The Appletec realities are still kept hidden from the outer world. They are sending a huge amount for the Yad L’Achim movement. The owner of this company is spending a huge amount over the movement. Appelbaum is an owner of several leading companies which are running in different parts of the world. He is also turning a great profit out of various companies. And the most important thing is major of the profits from these companies are moving to the Yad L’Achim. It can also be said that the Appletec LTD is supporting the terrorist activities is the funds which they generate out of their business. The companies which are having business relations with Appletec LTD are also supporting the movement indirectly by sending huge funds in several means.