The Best New Technology in the Beauty Industry

It seems like everywhere you look these days, technology is growing and expanding. Every field and industry wants to and should take advantage of what technology can do to improve the resources already provided. The beauty industry has been integrating technology for years now as they look for ways to keep up with the times and the trends. The interesting thing about the beauty industry’s progression with technology is that the more we learn about science and our bodies, the more it has been combined with health and wellness to not only help us look good, but feel good and keep our hair, skin, and over all body inside and out, healthy and strong.

Technology in the Beauty Industry

Technology for Hair Care

The latest technology in hair care was introduced at the most recent conferences for health and wellness consumerism. The smart brush trend focuses on giving the user information about the way that they maintain their hair. This includes information about how hard you are brushing, giving off a sound when the tool senses you are applying too much pressure. Not only does it warn you when you are in the act of not treating your hair well, but it can even process information about how your hair is being treated throughout your day, like the level of heat it is receiving through styling and daily exposure to the sun. With this information, the smart brush can give you tips and recommendations about how to take better care of your hair in the future.

Technology for Skin Care

One of these coolest gadgets to recently come on the market in the beauty industry is the new smart mirrors. The technology that these mirrors are designed with allows them to read data about your face, your skin, pores, sun damage, and wrinkles just by taking a photo of your face. You simply look into the mirror like you would as if it were any old mirror, and allow the device to work its magic as it analyzes your features and the health of your face. Similar to the smart brush, this technology is valuable because after you have been analyzed, the smart mirror will provide you with recommendations for daily care and routines to better improve the quality of your skin, for a healthier look and feel. There are certain models that even include a hand-held device to use on your face when cleansing. These devices apply the recommended amount of pressure and exfoliation and may even offer infrared or light therapy for your skin as well. The final feature is purely aesthetic but necessary for anyone who wears make up. Have you even done your make up in one type of lighting and then arrived at a party, restaurant, or outdoor event to have your face look completely different than you thought you did when you were in front of the mirror? Even with the best makeup ULTA Beauty has to offer, it’s hard to tell how to best apply it without the right light. The smart mirror takes care of this by providing multiple LED light settings that mimic certain potential atmospheres like sunset, grocery store, restaurant, and bright office. I think that if I were to choose between the smart mirror and the smart brush I would have to go for the mirror.