The Three Common Mistakes Of Google My Business Users

Have you finished setting up your Google My Business? How was it, did it meet your expectations? Or are there problems that you met along the way? Well, we all have different experiences but one thing is for sure, you would notice that a lot of people contacted you through there because you have just let your customers get a good opportunity to know your business better.

Google My Business is very essential in running a business considering that there is a great number of people nowadays that rely heavily on the technology provided with their mobile devices where they can reach out someone or contact someone with just a single tap that is why setting up your business listing with Google My Business is crucial in giving success to your business.

This is because your customers will be able to see the photos, the actual map and location of your establishment, as well as a link to the website, the right directions, customer reviews, the right address, business hours, your business phone numbers, and they, are also able to interact with you by leaving questions that you have to answer.

As a responsible user of Google My Business, you should routinely monitor everything of the information that are mentioned above or you might be giving a bad user experience to your prospective customers that holds them back in patronizing your product or service, and sadly, a lot of business owners do not routinely check their profile or correcting any errors typed in there, to give you an overview about this, here is the list of the most common errors that business owners do to their Google My Business profile.

Google Business Page

1.       UNCLAIMED LISTINGS– There are many unclaimed Google My Business profiles, and sadly a lot of customers fall short in contacting these businesses that does not have accurate information. If your listing sits dormant long enough, it will be eventually deleted by Google that is why to keep it up and running, you should set up your own profile that features all the needed information of your business. If you do not have a Google My Business profile set up, Google’s dedicated team will not be able to process it and verify it so that you can post or create your own Google Post to furthermore promote your business. How to find unclaimed Google businesses? You can simply use Google’s search engine and type in the business name and add more details like the nature of the business and its location, for sure it will appear on the search results.

2.       CLOSED BUSINESSES– A lot of business owners leave their Google My Business profiles dormant although they already closed out or have changed their nature of business. This will only give bad user experience to the potential customers and this will also give your name bad reviews and will reflect on your newly opened business.

3.       LACK OF INFORMATION– A lot of business owners also believe that a phone number and an address is enough information to locate their business when in fact, customers nowadays want to know more about the things they are interested in before they personally visit the establishment that is why it is important to provide all the needed information that are vital to fully recognize your business. This is also one way for Google to categorize your business into its specific group, as well as include you on the listings for businesses that are located in a particular area.