Time and Tide waits for none

Time is the only thing that waits for none and that is why each and every one are keep running after it. Time which has 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds plays a very vital role in every one’s life. It all depends on how people make use of it. Successful person would have considered it as a valuable one whereas the loser would have wasted it without knowing its value. Time once passed cannot be brought back. Without knowing the value of time, some people spend it lavishly thinking they can make things up in future. But what happens is just failure. A work that has to be done in specified time has a great value in latter times. Effective use of time can make people gain money. An example can be stock market. The more effective and efficient one acts, the more time will be left for future projects. The reason for one’s success will definitely be the proper use of time. Value of time can be classified as time management, punctuality, during emergency situations. Time management is very important in organizations. Person has to keep track of deadlines and complete the project before or on time.

A stitch in time saves nine

Many businesses are now running with time scheduling process to keep track of their employee’s in-time and out-time. Doing this process manually is a very tedious process. So here comes a free online time clock which is software used to track of employees and serves many other purposes. There are many other software created that does this work. This software comes with advanced online scheduling and also payroll reporting.  The software helps to create regular work for their employees. Employees can request their managers for change in shift which can also be done through this software. They can also view their work schedule, request for vacation time. Employees can be tracked with great accuracy which can be used for payrolls and by managers. The software can be accessed from any location in any device which is an advantage for the people who use this. Some of the companies are using this software.

The software also provides with real time alerts through email or text messaging when employees come in or go out late or also early. It also comes with displaying upcoming meetings, employee’s birthdays, report notification and more. When employee checks in late, photo is captured which helps in avoiding the person to repeat late entries. It also prevents workers to work from any unauthorized locations by tracking the IP address. The software can be restricted to specific location, computer, tablet, office location and some other specific area. The software can be used to allow a specific employee to earn overtime hours. A notification can also be set when the employee starts the over time. Tasks can be assigned to group and view for task status, reports and even files can be uploaded securely.