Watch Out With Free Android Vpn Apps If You Care About Your Privacy

The internet is not a very safe place for your personal information these days. There are plenty of unsecure sites that can have access to your information, your activities, and can use this for illegal purposes. But there are ways to prevent this from happening.

There are plenty of Android VPN or iOS VPN that you can download, some of them are free. But there is always a question about the safety of using free apps and this includes free VPNs. When it comes to VPNs, the ones that will not cost you any amount of money will usually end up costing you more when your privacy and your security is put at risk.

Free Virtual Private Networks

What Is A VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Network. This essentially creates a secure and encrypted connection to make sure that no one else will be able to hack or see your online activities. You can bypass the ban with VPN. These are also used to connect to a corporate intranet or maybe a CMS or Content Management System. If you are mostly using a public Wifi connection, then you need to install a VPN on your mobile phone.

The Dangers of Using Free Virtual Private Networks or VPNs

Anything that is for “free” is not always safe. Free VPNs can log and also track your online activities which include your IP address, the websites that you visit, and so on. When in fact, these are supposed to be the information that a VPN can protect.

These free VPNs can also cause your slow browsing speed or your connection can be unstable. In worst cases, these free VPNs can see your personal information and give it to third parties through unsafe extra advertising that can be harmful.

How to Choose Your VPN

When searching for a VPN, it is important that you do your own research about the VPN service that you would want to use. It may sound like it will not cause you too much harm, but remember that these can have access to your information and activities. In the end, you can be the one in danger or charged with crimes that you have no knowledge of.

If you do not have a VPN yet, make sure that you stay away from free VPNs that sounds shady as much as possible. There are safer VPN providers that you can subscribe to, and most usually offer trial periods and money back guarantees. Have a peace of mind even when accessing free Public Wifi Hotspots. Guard your personal information and do not get scammed.