Webcam – Hidden Camera Treasure

Take an old and old camcorder and turn it into a smart device to share videos in real time and snapshots, monitor or protect: the new software can give life to the equipment that is going to bury.

The advent of broadband Internet connectivity has given us not only the opportunity to travel with greater speed and comfort, but also the opportunity to communicate with colleagues, friends and family who live in remote cities, hear their voice and see their faces . Most of those who love video chat over the Internet already have a webcam. Most people who want to chat or dream of video chat are preparing to take the final step to realize their dreams and buy their first webcam, and probably also have another digital camera, at least a camera or video. But if you think your webcam can transmit your pretty face to someone on the other end of the cable, you’re wrong. In an instant, this “useless” device can become your all-seeing eye, digital nanny, guardian angel or watchman; All you need to do is install the appropriate software.

Webcam is a software that promises to magically convert virtually any video capture device into a wide range of convenient solutions, whether for business or pleasure. In fact, it captures videos or images transmitted from the camera and saves them on the disk or sends them to your site. But the possibilities are as simple as it seems at first glance, the functionality is incredible.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear “webcam” is video chat over the Internet. And although Webcam does not have an integrated interface for video conferencing, it seamlessly integrates with Skype, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other instant messaging services, which easily resolves the hardware compatibility problems encountered by multiple cameras.

With Webcam, you can easily share live videos with friends or family through your website. It does not matter how far they are from each other; They can simply open their website and enjoy you. To make the web page even more attractive, you can embed all kinds of text labels, images or video effects, again, in real time. This can be especially convenient for scientists who can easily comment on their online research. Of course, you can also use a webcam to shoot someone or someone. By the way, the quality of the images will be good enough to publish images on the Internet. But it is still too common. What about your webcam work doing the real challenge?

webcam work

Secure your webcam to protect your home, car or any other property for you.

Like a faithful watchdog, it will scan the darkness, trying to catch even the slightest movement, and then alert you if it detects an invasion or an exit. Of course, you will not be able to instruct the army of soldiers’ robots to tie the hands of the intruder or stop the thief, but it will provide sufficient data for the police department, including the face of the attacker or the high-resolution mark.

Parents can turn their webcam into a digital nanny using the webcam. No matter where they are at the moment, through an office computer or a mobile phone connected to the Internet, they can quickly inspect and make sure your child is well. Nurses can take advantage of this function when they monitor sick or disabled patients; All rooms can be monitored from one location and patients can receive timely assistance.


In addition to web cameras, Webcam can work with video cameras and digital cameras with FireWire, S-Video or composite port, USB video capture devices, TV tuners and network cameras that can generate JPEG or MJPEG images in the exit. The software supports rotation, tilting and scaling of images for Logitech Orbit cameras (Sphere).