What You Need To Know About Socialize Commerce

When a community combines all of their loyalty and their power to purchase for them to be able to gain a huge amount of savings and earning opportunities from different brands and companies, this is called Socialized Commerce. All of these efforts can benefit everyone who is personally involved in the transactions. So how can you make the most out of  SoComm or Socialized Commerce? Let’s go ahead and find out.

What Are The Benefits Of Socialized Commerce?

In his statement last 2011, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that Social Commerce is next to blow up this is because over 50% of Americans prefer to do their shopping online. But why is this happening? Take a look at the benefits of Socialized Commerce.

  • Convenience. This is the topmost reason in the list because there’s no more need to leave your house and just shop online. With only your smartphone, tablet, and different apps, purchasing what you need has never been this easy.
  • Variety. Some online stores have a larger variety of items compared to “brick and mortar” stores. They usually have every item in stock, and if not, they can find ways for you to get what you need. Almost everything is now available to buy online. From ladies to men, and even kidswear. Furniture, gadgets, food, skincare products, and so much more!
  • Multiple Options. Unlike shopping in the malls, online shopping is easier and faster. There’s no more need to visit store after store on your feet. Now, you can browse through different online store websites and compare.
  • No More Waiting To Check Out. When a store offers a “holiday sale”, one of the most dreaded parts is when you pay for what you want to purchase. The lines can take forever to move until you reach the cashier. With online shopping, as long as you have your payment information ready, checking out your order can be done in minutes.

TRUNITED – What You Need To Know


Trunited is the platform of Socialized Commerce. Here, you earn while you do your shopping. This is basically a “cash back” system where you earn a portion of the money that you spend on their recommended retailers. You can also earn by referring others to sign up and make their own purchase through the website.

How To Get The Most From Trunited


Trunited Purchasing System. This system is very simple. You can purchase items from Global Brands or Direct To Customers. For Global Brands, there are websites like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and so much more. Trunited is the way for you to find the store to shop and earn “profit points.”

The Referral System. When you refer others to Trunited, you can earn money from what they spent on Trunited.com. Once you have built up at least $90 from the referral system, you are then qualified to the affiliate program.

Trunited – Is It Safe And Legit?

Many are wondering if Trunited is a scam or legit. To end all doubts, Trunited is LEGIT. This is the best opportunity for anyone to earn money from the items that are purchased on a daily basis. If you are into online shopping, this is something that can definitely benefit you.