Wi-Fi router for long range: hassle free experience of browsing!

No one ever wants to be chained at the desktop for long enough, which is far more than frustrating! Gone are the days when the Ethernet cable was used and one would be locked down to use a PC to use the internet services!

In this era when getting online has become far more than necessary, Wi-Fi is one of the best inventions in the evolution of internet which provides all with a hassle-free experience of browsing.

A Wi-Fi router is the hub of a network, connecting your entire gadgets with access to the internet. While a router is being considered, it has many features of which the most important one is the range provided by the router. Having said that, here are few tips from our experts in getting a long range Wi-Fi:

Check for the router antennas:  imagine the scenario of a TV antenna, the bigger the antenna is, the clearer the picture. Now compare that to the router antennas, the only difference being, in the first case the antennas keeps getting bigger, but in routers, number of antennas tend to keep increasing for better performance. So for a long range Wi-Fi, the number of antennas will be more.

Regular firmware updates: the router’s firmware is like its most functional part! It’s a software within it which ensures proper performance of the hardware. With the vision of better speed, the manufacturers always tend to provide us with new updates! Make sure you miss none of them!

long range WiFi

The router frequency: the frequency of the router you are going to buy mustn’t interfere with your neighbour’s. In short, the interference would be less if you get a standard frequency router!

 Besides which for having a long range WiFi you should consider the following while the installation:

Position: physical position is always an important factor, the distance being proportionate the connectivity you receive. The more the distance from the Wi-Fi router, the lesser signal you get.

Interference: it may come to you of surprise that even your microwave, refrigerator can cause interference to your connection. Unfortunately yes, before installation have in mind that the nearby gadgets such as TV, smartphone, PC can have adverse effects on our signal strength.

walls:  A place away from the walls and interferences will be an optimum one.

Router channels: interference is more if you live in a place which is thickly populated, to find which channel is best suiting for you, you must find what your neighbour’s channel is. Choosing the channel which offers less Wi-Fi congestion will provide you with a better performance.

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